Demio Trouble-shooting

Try these two tests before accessing the course


If there are any alerts (especially any 'red' in test 2), your network settings may need to be changed, see below 'Information for your IT team'.

Things to try yourself

If you can't access the course, try these tips:

The course does not work on Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Use Chrome, Firefox, or on a Mac, use Safari.

If the three little pulsating circles have been there for more than about a minute, try refreshing the browser.

If you are in a school, it is likely that the filtering is preventing the link opening.
If you are at home, but using a school laptop, it may be that there is security in place on the laptop that prevents the link working.
If you are using you own device at home, try refreshing the browser. The link works best in Chrome, so if you are using another browser, it's worth trying that.
If you have a phone with data, try accessing the link through that. Depending on your data plan, you might not want to take part using it, but it will rule out some other issues. If it works on your phone, the problem is usually filtering or other security settings.
If those simpler tips don't work, you'll need the advanced information below.

If all else fails, contact our office and I will send you a video line.

Information for your IT team
This is the information your IT team will need.
Demio use dynamic IP addresses, please make sure to whitelist the below domains:
When it comes to the ports used by the Demio streaming service, their recommendations are as follows: 
Minimum: Demio requires TCP port 443/8443 to be open. Some firewall/proxy rules only allow for SSL traffic over port 443. You will need to make sure that non-web traffic can also pass over this port.
Better: In addition to the minimum being met, Demio also recommend that UDP port 3478 is open.
Best: For the best possible experience, Demio recommend that UDP ports 1025 - 65535 be open.